Among all the dairy bi-products, yoghurt is probably the most popular not only for its great taste, but for its health benefits as well. Yoghurt is composed of calcium, proteins and probiotics all of which are responsible for its renowned health benefits. Calcium in particular improves bone density and is highly recommended in children for strong and healthy teeth. It does not matter whether you are camping or taking a road drip with static caravans for sale fife.

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Today yoghurt is available in many forms including frozen which can be used as an ingredient in many recipes. However, processed yoghurt is presumed to have lost many of its beneficial bacteria through the homogenization process since it involves a lot of heat.

Most of the probiotics are also lost this way but if your intention for taking yoghurt is for this nutrient, then you should consider a good quality five-strain probiotic. It can also be encapsulated to prevent it from being destroyed by stomach acids.

Homemade yoghurt is the richest in natural useful bacteria and making one is not as difficult as you may think. The ingredients needed include

Four cups of fresh skimmed milk (1-2 fat)

cup instant milk powder

Three tablespoons of organic culture yoghurt or five grams freeze-dried yoghurt culture

This serving is enough for four persons.


The milk is heated in a sauce pan while stirring in the milk powder after which it is cooled to around 110 F. The culture should be combined with cup of the cooled milk which is later on added to the rest of the milk and stirred well. The last step is to pour the milk into cups and placed in the yoghurt maker. It will be more firm and tart if it ferments for a long time.

Most nutritionists and health experts agree that yoghurt is a healthy snack because of several reasons

1. For a healthy heart

Snacking on yoghurt is a much healthier option compared to other treats that are high in fat and cholesterol. These two are responsible for heart diseases and complications. For instance, a 6 oz. serving of Greek yoghurt contains no saturated fat or cholesterol.

2. Weight Control

Most people gain weight as a result of poor eating habits. yoghurt has been categorized as high satiety index food as they result in more gustatory satisfaction than other foods. What this means is that 7 ounces of yoghurt will make you fuller than 7 ounces of soup therefore helping you eat less. Including yoghurt in your diet as a substitute for unhealthy snacks will certainly help you control your weight.

3. For Muscle Building

Since yoghurt has a protein composition of 30, it has the capability of assisting body builders to build muscles. It is certainly a tastier option than the raw eggs traditionally used to build muscles.

4. Food Flavour

Yoghurt is a great dressing for salads and can also be used as a sauce for chicken, fish or beef.